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We have 10 years of factory production experience, professional and technical staff over 20% of the factory, comprehensive quality monitoring and management system,enjoy the good Praised in the carton packaging industry.
     Professional production English Word tablets, Arabic and cardboard boxes, cartons, paper bags, plastic knitted bags used in the printing plastic sheets, hardness from 25 to 75 (Shaw), thickness from 9.6mm to 2mm, I 1400mmX3200mm specifications of the plant production for the whole of Asia's largest broad rubber plate. Plate formation uniform, delicate texture soft, cool-carving knife, Lessons ink well, printing clearer. Our factory under laser engraving machine performance design to
produce laser machine adhesive plate, the soft cushion than printing the plastic surface hardness lower with the following features: a, reduced printing, surface pressure, control of network expansion, printing more sophisticated; B, the maximum to avoid printed version of the deformation, particularly suitable for printing small text, pictorial; c, a good pair of flexible cardboard role of the aggrieved are compensation to avoid damage cardboard, ensure consistent quality of the printing field; d, printing effects prominent anti-Yin clear, strong sense level. Improve products in the printing grades, to replace a certain amount of flexibility version greatly reduce costs, enhance their market competitiveness

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